Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Zion vs. Babylon

I will be dividing books I review on my blog into two categories: Babylon Reads, and Zion Reads.
Babylon Reads? Sounds a bit risqué, you say? Why would I read such books?
Well, allow me to elucidate. Since most of what I read is considered young adult, I have formed definite opinions on which books I feel are truly suitable for young adults and which are labeled as such erroneously. So, even though I may find a book well written, intriguing or not necessarily deserving of a “Babylon” status if marketed for adults, if it is unsuitably designated as YA, I shall graciously impart of my “very subjective” estimations. Books may also earn a “Zion” status with an age specification: i.e., Zion Read—16+.  The filling of my Zion Reads and Babylon Reads bookshelves will commence soon, so check back often.
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Brenda Sills said...

Hey, sounds like a great idea for book reviews. I'm looking forward to reading them!